Science Communication

Tanya Ha is a science communication consultant and a passionate advocate for scientific research and broad public understanding of science.

Tanya is Director of Engagement at Science in Public, a science communication and public relations business based in Melbourne.

Tanya’s work with Science in Public includes:

  • media training scientists, and hosting and curating science engagement events
  • national communication and publicity support for National Science Week, which saw over 3,800 media mentions over the month of August 2015 – a 32% increase in media coverage in our first year – and the establishment of a local government program, which helped the 2017 program achieve a record-breaking 2,157 events registered
  • communication, media and social media management for the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia
  • stakeholder engagement and media promotion for ABC’s Wildlife Spotter citizen science project, which saw over 50,000 Australians identify 3.2 million animals in 2.5 million photographs taken by camera traps, smashing the records of previous National Science Week citizen science projects and attracting volunteer support equivalent to one research assistant working a 40 hour week for 15 years.

At Science in Public we encourage and challenge scientists to reach the public, politicians and the media, while staying true to the science.

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