Tanya Ha has written several environmental books.


Greeniology reviews:

“A must for all those who want to do their bit for the planet. Al Gore would approve.” – The Age

“Tanya Ha has done a wonderful job with this book and should be congratulated. Greeniology provides practical advice on what we can do to lessen the load on the planet. An informative and entertaining read.” – Gardening Australia

“A delightful, accessible treasure trove of a book… and never more relevant.” – Robyn Williams (Science Broadcaster)

“Green is not just for the garden. Every household needs a copy of Greeniology.” – Jamie Durie

“I want to see our beautiful planet preserved for our children and our children’s children. Tanya Ha shows people how to live their lives in a more sustainable way—every woman should read this book.” – Olivia Newton-John

“Her ‘light green’ approach is all about positive things everyone can do to help the environment. Subtitled “how to live well, be green and make a difference”, Greeniology is packed with well-researched, practical information on topics ranging from disposable nappies to solar power.” –Sydney Morning Herald

“Environmental spokesbabe Tanya Ha’s Greeniology is a cute but comprehensive ecofriendliness primer.” – Montreal Mirror

“The great value of Greeniology is in the plethora of very easy alternatives that it presents, combined with an empowering emphasis on our ability to make choices.” – Journal of Australian Studies Review of Books

“This book should be a slightly numbing account of how you can be more environmentally conscious, but instead it is very appealing. Simple things count like saving water, recycling and smart buying. It all adds up to saving money as well as helping the planet. Short, snappy tips and explanations help keep the pages turning.” – Daily Telegraph 

Greeniology 2020 review:

“…this book combines practical tips and Ha’s trademark accessible style with scientific rigour.”

“Tanya Ha’s green credentials are impeccable; in fact it’s probably fair to call her Australia’s foremost mainstream advocate for the benefits of going green.” – The Inspired Shopper 

The Australian Green Consumer Guide review:

“Tanya Ha’s straight forward approach to green shopping is simple to read and gently persuasive.” – Green Magazine 

Green Stuff for Kids reviews:

“Something fun, informative and challenging for green kids (and their parents) to sink their teeth into.” – Tim Flannery

“You can make a difference and this clearly set-out book is an excellent guide.” – West Australian.

“Rather than simply presenting cold facts, Ha’s commentary is interesting and at times humourous.”, “…superb advice…” and “…highly recommended…” – Sun Herald 

“While Ha does a great job of explaining the facts, the designers should be congratulated for creating such a user-friendly book (graphs, break-outs, check-lists, projects) that makes absorbing Ha’s engaging writing style even easier… Invaluable reading for those aged 10 and up.” – The Sunday Age

“…a goldmine for teachers and kids alike.” – G magazine